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Insights on Leadership and Teamwork by Jim Granato, Dean, Hobby School of Public Affairs

For our Students

A comprehensive education would not be complete without thoughtful training and preparation in leadership, ethics and value-based decision making. This is especially important in considering a career in the public policy arena that will challenge not only your technical skills but also your moral compass and motivations. I share the following with you in hopes that this wisdom is as helpful to you as it has been to me.  

Lessons Learned on Leadership

  1.  You are in the relationship business.
  2. Know your limitations and work with people who can fill the void.
  3. All people who work with (for) you are your responsibility and their concerns are your concerns.
  4. People will take shots at you. Make every effort to make use of the valid and useful criticisms.
  5. Problems will come to your organization and you --- and you will not be told.
  6. Find forthright people (who you can trust) --- listen and learn from them.
  7. Some people will think they know more than you and won’t…deal with them when you have to but do not let them distract you from your organization goals.
  8. You are alone, BUT if people learn to trust and believe in your heart…they will walk with you.
  9. Forget about your legacy --- it is not important to be remembered,  but it is important to make things better.  Self-centered legacy seeking is a threat to seeing things correctly and, most importantly, doing the right thing at all times.

Three Rules for Success

No. 1:  See things as they are…and not in ways that make you feel complacent or comfortable about yourself. (the road to self-improvement)

No. 2:  Don’t make messes for others to clean up. (the road to personal responsibility) 

No. 3:  Always bring your “A” game. A “C” game means you are not living up to your potential. If someone else is doing better than you go back to Rule No. 1 and make changes and adapt. (the process of self-improvement never ends)