Mission- Hobby School of Public Affairs - University of Houston
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Mission, Value Proposition and Differentiators

Creative public policy at work for the world


Our Mission

From a foundation of leadership, integrity and collaboration, the Hobby School of Public Affairs puts creative, solutions-oriented public policy to work for the world through:

Preparing graduates to rethink the way government, business and communities work

Driving evidence-based research and analyzing data to produce innovative answers to difficult policy questions

Working with and listening to communities to develop solutions that address their practical needs

Implementing policies in real-world environments through empathy, partnerships and communication

Our Value Proposition

  • Plug into Houston, the nation’s most culturally, economically and politically diverse city.
  • Root ourselves in action, leadership and real-world policymaking skills.
  • Impact communities in tangible ways with our work.


  • We have a distinctive connection with our city — Houston is where our students and faculty see the impact of their work; it’s where we scale-up ideas.
  • We have critical relationships with local and state leaders, who work with the Hobby School to help create an impact in our communities, our city and our state.
  • We have a trove of data and we apply it to immediate policy and political issues to help shape the conversations that drive government.
  • We are guided by unique mission pillars — which, in addition to Education and Research, explicitly include Relevance and Action, ensuring we will help shape our city, state, nation and world.


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