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CONNECT Projects Spring 2022

East Harris County Empowerment Council – Improve EHCEC’s ability to track and measure the outcomes and impact of its key initiatives by creating a data collection framework and matrix of recommendations outlining metrics/variables for measuring outcomes defined in logic model, baseline target data, and data collection method(s).

Habitat for Humanity Montgomery County – Gain a deeper understanding of how well Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County’s is serving and supporting their family partners by 1) developing a homeowner survey; 2) administering the survey and data collection efforts; 3) analyzing the homeowner survey responses; and 4) creating a summary of the findings into a final report.

Nature Discovery Center – Develop methodologies and tools for counting park visitors and collecting information about park use for the Nature Discovery Center by 1) researching and developing methodologies for more accurately determining count of park visions; and 2) developing data collection tools that collect specific information from park visitors.

American Youthworks – Convey the effectiveness and impact of American YouthWork’s Houston Environmental Action Team program to municipal and state government officials by 1) conducting research on best practices to define key short-and long-term outcomes and metrics; 2) developing a data collection framework matrix of recommendations outlining metrics/variables for measuring outcomes; and 3) designing a survey or data collection tool to measure short-term outcomes.